Slowly crept
contented and sly
worming the fork tongues
over my features.

Writhing and bathed
lamented in silk
forced open and dry
an abyss plummets.

Will I see her?
Will she come
costumed forth
and ready?

Will willingness find me,
steel me to my course
rotten and divided
but still pointing its way?

This thing, trap or treasure
tamed or torrid
still finds me
still defines me.

Still snakes into
your soul.

weekly now, he plays the fool

chrome shelled
young lipped and fresh

claims degradation
unleash hell on the
’cause of constant

white type
white light
flickered screen
muffled scream

to end the dream of nerd team
endlessly slit while
they sleep

millionaires balls
no power calls

jackpots lost
and all it cost
was the soul he bought
for the pussy sought

twin pistols rise
the scene in his mind
replayed a thousand

born a traveller
dies a god
because the heavy
demand it

three two down


what will rise from the sound?

a clone
a throne
another child to dodge
the stone
a poet
a priest
beggers demanding
the least
a parade
a charade
a list of
victims made

more tears
more fears
more government

provoking the passion
of over-reaction
and fanning once more
the flames of action

the ones marked with red
the ones with no sleep, no emotions
nor fed

who cry into night
with pavlovian might
that tomorrow they may be ones
to see the light

but no such hope
nor prayer to night
will erase the darkness
we see tonight.

til thee

She is but a raging sea
    her heart was once belong
to me,
but when away my hand did roam
    her heart had felt the
mighty foam
of tempests mind so foul and true
    that threw with force and
murdered crew;
til once the hovered clouds did still
    and fell I again upon
her will,
from whence this time the sea should quake
    I shall forever bear my
ladies ache.


I lay on the pedal a little thicker,
that smoke billowing through my fingers.
She’s got her dress up around her waist, giving me a glimpse of white lace.
    /All of a sudden I’m sixteen again./
The puddle of beer has soaked into the back upholstery now, and the car smells like the same room this floozy just hustled me in.
     /You can almost smell the stale butts littering her carpet./
I’m in that white place, that liquid state. Something languid on the radio, making me sway along time with the blood pumping through my temples.
The same blood pooling in my brain. That, any moment now, will work very hard to burst a vessel.
I will see white. A blinding flash. The pain will be there, but it is imagined, what synapses feel before being lulled to sleep.
The cigarette falls in slow motion as my hands go limp. I don’t see it, I will sense it.
I will hear Floozy scream something,  but I will not understand. The burst vessel has scrambled the receptors, and everything is fuzzy.
I will hear my Father curse the reception,  complaining as he heads out to adjust the antenna.
I will see my Sister turn and smile, the rays of afternoon sun picking out the blonde highlights in her hair; I will see her swept away, never to be found. I see me alone.
My body will launch and I will become a force of inertia. I will shatter glass, my own bones shattering as I am thrown. Phoenix finding flames.
But I will feel none of this. I, as always, come out the lucky one, baby.
     /My lights went out the minute that switch went *flick*./
I guess you picked the wrong trick tonight sweetheart.
Better luck next gig.


so little sayeth she
that once unkind
my fettered heart
so wicked the scorn
a preamble
to the presence
of heart.
burdened so
has this balance
once delicate
now tipped.
in unlikeliest
where favor
now sleeps,
I will find her
solace bound
yet comfort
and o’er flame
I’ll caress
the simple trial
of word.
and with water
sins redeemed
for one soul.
she sleeps.
in most temperate
of seasons
her winds
slap and sting,
only strengthening
and the love
it may bring.


as robust as you could imagine
wires and synapse
beating adrenaline and ozone
structured to perform
tasked to futile
wishing for more
industrialization of
emotional cores
tar sands of hate
and love
the plight of tech forage
destruction machine
heart beats overtime
cpu meltdown
at emotional core.

when you have the beat the rhythm is its clue

such small little fingers
cutting my way
as we grip and we scramble
such sharp tipped daggers
words at play
think youre ready for the gamble?

oh you pretty drowned liars
how you ran to hide
when the truth was discovered
blown down alibis

watch plans on horizons
dust decayed
with fat fingers you fumble
on the backs of the broken
you climbed today
but we smile as you stumble

oh you stenciled crazies
arms tied as you tried
tears stain your painted faces
i keep prying over cries

now one with a darkness
only you see
you run til its hopeless
theres a path in the empty
known to me
but you lack the focus

done done done
the work is
done done done
the time for
fun fun fun
begun gun gun
tread tread tread
tread tread tread
through his
head head head
fed fed fed

fed fed fed
we are
fed fed fed
you have
read read read
now its
said said said

gone gone gone
he is gon–

binary corpses still sell seats

the heart sinks
when it learns what I am

in here
with you

glamourized in your hand
limp and flaccid
dripping down your thigh
with every left click.

“I had a book once, my collected thoughts, I lost it in a move.”

whinos and whores
junkie poets
now byte suckers
and pixel fuck tunnels

digital pink release.

no empties to toss aside anymore,
where do you put the crazy?
dreams stacked

more holes in my socks than my heart,
but neither keep me warm anymore.

Please Captain

You’re a lyric
In a song
I’ve not yet wrote
But time may see to it
I don’t utter a note
You’re a leaf
On the branch
Of a dying tree
You don’t want to fall
But you long to be free
I’m a carpet
That’s tread on
Time and again
No one can see
The remaining threads
I’m an icicle
Still hanging
On shingles bare
Slow melting inside you
Invisible air
I’m cut off
From everyone
Just like I planned
I try to explain
You just
Cant understand
The voices
That ask this
Hold sway over me
You’ll take my hand
But you’ll never
Be free
Captain Captain  Captain please
Make for the forest, the cover of trees
Captain Captain my Captain I beg
For love of the lives of a dozen men
You’re a species
Of insect
Discovered but rare
You evade being captured
All mystery fair
You’re a sonnet
Thats written far before my time
I can’t hear the words
But I know your rhyme
I’m a shanty-town
Homes upon rows
I sink with the aged
I sleep with their bones
I’m a fairytale told
To scare you to sleep
Not once yet described
But hideous in sleep
A garden a candle
A tear
A goodbye
I turn so youll never
Catch gleam
From my eye
They told me 
Expect this and
I’ve been prepared
Soliloquies over 
We return
And defend
I’ll scream
I’ll cry
I’ll thrash
You’ll fly
I’ll break
I’ll bend 
I’ll crash
You’ll smile
I’ll topple
I’ll falter
I’ll crumble
You’ll be
It’s moment like these
That you’ll never know me
Captain Captain oh Captain please
Lead us from evil, deep seeded disease
Captain Captain my Captain I beg
For the lives of the dozen that live in one man
And once more 
We plead it
On bended knee
Captain My Captain
Just let us go free.

Half Asleep Smile

dust silhouettes a paper sky
and chases my outline
newspaper stands have disappeared
i feed my timeline
four decades on I’ve seen the signs
no one believes in my find
never should have been allowed to run the race
they cut my multi face

pied pipers so many sent
I’ve not once followed yet
shadows and skies to walk beside
whispering winds my only guide
i once felt a hand in the morning sun
it only belonged to one
ten to one odds in a fixed race
I’ve only ever taken last place

but ill find my peace
in her half asleep smile
it keeps me grounded
at least for a little while
and ill take my solace
in her moon kissed face
it keeps me hoping
at least for another day

caught the train that ran from everyone
i never thought id end up one
hard to slam the door in a cherubs face
feathers so which shouldn’t go to waste
i haven’t walked the stairs
to the attic walls
theres enough danger in my hidden halls
but the mask still hides the proper face
or is it the mask thats been replaced

but ill find my peace in her half asleep smile
it keeps me going at least for a little while
and ill take my solace in her moon kissed faced
it keeps me hoping at least for another day.